What’s It All About – Who Am I ?

I often get asked the question: what’s this website all about? 

Why are there all these short lists of information about stocks in China and the rest of Asia and why would you bother doing so much work for free ? 

Here’s the thing there are hundreds of thousands of stocks out there in the stock market universe and only so many receive coverage by major Websites and Research house’s and many of the Asian emerging markets receive little coverage that is available to the masses. 

60 percent of the world lives in Asia and 95 percent know very little about stocks but like all of us they are keen to learn. Even seasoned investors and traders are constantly on the lookout for fresh stock research ideas.

Markets like China, Vietnam, Indonesia and Thailand  present endless opportunities. The difficulty is trying to get your hands on defined lists that will assist you in your research endeavours. 

This is where 5stocksinto slots in and delivers.

We take research to another level and we cut out the early grind of looking for stocks in Vietnam that build Bridges, Chinese stocks that are into Solar Cells and onto Indian stocks that make SoyBean Oil…… Our mission is to drill down through an industry, right down to product lines, components and key materials and commodities. We Speed up the Research Process…

Who Am I ?

With over 30 years involvement in Equities, I have worked in Stock Broking, Mining, Energy and Technology Manufacturing in China. In the beginning (1986)  i worked at the Melbourne Stock Exchange as a Postal Clerk then moved on to work for top firm Mcintosh (Merrill Lynch) where i oversaw the morning international research report and also as a discretionary on floor trader. From here (1992) i was a managing partner at a pension services organization for 12 years, the firm was an originator in low net worth mass market advice. In 2005 I moved to HK where I worked on various consulting projects. 

In 2010 opportunities opened up in mainland China where I was a partner in various technology manufacturing partnerships, including mobile phones, laptops and accessories, i also worked on a restructure of a US owned Oil Services company in my final year. 

The one constant throughout my working life has been equities data, i am always interested in what’s next? and where the value is in the ever shifting economic environments that we have to consider. My time in Chinese manufacturing taught me a hell of a lot about what makes this very misunderstood country tick and why it has achieved so much in the last 40 years.

I learned about drilling right down on industries and sectors to the point of knowing every component in a digital device and how they are made, what equipment is required, through to the commodities required to manufacture advanced materials, and onto the simple everyday products and services that appear in our lives everyday of the week. 

Who makes What, Where and How ?

My motto in building databases is there is no such thing as useless or boring information, there is a place and a need for everything.

Kind Regards

Andrew Duff

Owner & Author